Palestinian mourners carrying a man killed during a protest near the Israeli-Gaza border during his funeral in Gaza City / Courtesy Said Khatib/AFP (Flickr)

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has ensued for almost a century, creating generations of tension and conflict between citizens and supporters of the state of Israel and citizens and supporters of the state of Palestine. On the surface, the conflict stems from the 1948 creation of the State of Israel and its subsequent effects on the immediate region.

Prior to 1948, the land which would become modern-day Israel was known as Palestine, home to mostly Arab Muslims. At that time, Jews had just endured the crippling effects of World War II and the Holocaust, this after millennia of being the minority wherever…

He was summoned twice. The first time, he left the police station and returned home. The second time, he disappeared.

He is the latest among a long list of people like him to be arrested.

He is Ahmed Samir Santawy, an Egyptian human rights activist.

Signs at the protest in support of Ahmed Samir Santawy in Vienna, Austria / Courtesy Free Ahmed Samir Campaign

Returning home from Austria’s Central European University (CEU) where he’s also a masters student of sociology and social anthropology, Santawy was interrogated by Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution upon arrival, but allowed to leave afterwards.

While he was away in Dahab, a coastal town in South Sinai, law enforcement raided Santawy’s family’s home, confiscated home…

A brief history of the Muslim-Arab Slave Trade and subsequent racism in the MENA Region

Slave Market Memorial in Zanzibar, Tanzania / Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Muslim-Arab Slave Trade was a centuries-long trade of the peoples of Sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa by the Muslim nations of the Arabian Peninsula and later, the greater MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.

In the East African branch, slaves were sent either to nearby islands in the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Peninsula or the Indian subcontinent. From West and Central Africa, slaves were sent to North Africa in what had recently been conquered by Muslim Arabs.

Both areas of activity were preceded by already-established slave and non-slave-related trading cultures among the nations of the Indian Ocean, the surrounding…

And the world got to finally say, “We told you, so”

On January 6, 2020, right-wing supporters of President Trump stormed and looted the U.S. Capitol Building, desecrating the property, running through elected officials offices and documents, and forcing the Senators, reporters, and staffers inside to take shelter, all resulting in four people dead.

For a nation that delegates government insurrections and sieges as qualities of a foreign, non-Western, “Third World” country, the United States was surely silent today.

Millions watched as emboldened Trump-worshippers ravaged through the U.S. Capitol Building, looting and defiling government offices and chambers, and freely roaming around the halls of Congress, unfettered.

While supported in some conservative circles, the rioters were almost universally condemned on a national level, especially once matters began to become increasingly violent. Globally, too, several leaders expressed concern over the matters that unfolded in our nation’s capital.

But, while other nation’s showed concern publicly, privately, millions…

Even Ben Shapiro and Scott Walker got involved

McGraw Tower at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York / Courtesy Pixabay

“White students should grow a pair. They need to stand up to this.”

What Twitter user ‘Patrik Herman’ was referring to is the weeks-long ideological war that took (and is taking) place at Cornell University over the disarmament of its campus police force that has spread beyond the campus’s walls and soured race relations at the Ivy League school.

Following a summer marred by police-civilian contention, Cornell’s Student Assembly attempted, but failed to pass a vote with the goal of disarming campus police, among many things regarding campus policing strategies. That was on November 19.

Roughly a month later, the…

Especially without persistent vilification from the White House?

White House Press Briefing with President Donald J. Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force / Courtesy D. Myles Cullen, Official White House Photo, Flickr

On February 17, 2017, President Donald Trump asserted via Twitter that NBC News, CNN, and The New York Times, among others critical of his administration, were “fake news” and the “enemy of the people.”

For another president, these remarks would shatter the fabric of the nation. With Trump, however, the statement was far from uncommon.

From the beginning, the President’s tone regarding the news media was combative and his usage of the phrase “fake news” had become synonymous with his persona and his dislike of critical reporting on himself.

However, Trump’s characterization of the news media as “enem[ies] of the…

Young people on the election results and what they hope for the next four years under the new administration

Then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden on the campaign trail during the 2020 Election season / Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

It’s official.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will become to 46th President of the United States. And 62 percent of all young voters made sure that happened.

Despite many young people also casting ballots for incumbent Donald Trump, young voters overwhelmingly voted for Biden in this election. They voted with key issues like climate change, racial justice, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights in mind. And for those voters, their wish came true this morning, four anxiety-filled days after Election Day.

So, how do those who voted for Biden feel about his win? What do they see for the…

With the recent outbreak of protests in Nigeria in response to decades of abuse by law enforcement, Nigerian women have made themselves crucial players on a global scale in the fight to end it.

Protesters on their way to the National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria / Courtesy Kristine Umeh

Kristine Umeh is thankful to have never had a personal encounter with her country’s law enforcement. This is, in fact, aside from the routine, yet often unwarranted and abusive checkpoint stops by police when traveling with her family.

It is at these commonplace checkpoint stops that officers use their authority to solicit money, jewelry, phones, and other valuables in the name of combating crime.

Like Umeh, Oluwafolabomi Olujimi knows these checkpoint stops all too well.

“My earliest memory is of my pregnant mother being forced out of her car because an officer thought she was laughing at him” Olujimi said…

Thoughts and opinions on the state of LGBTQ affairs in anticipation of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and a conservative slant in the Supreme Court.

The White House donned rainbow colors in honor of the passing of Obergefell v. Hodges in June 2015 / Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Broadly, the United States is seen as a safe space for LGBTQ individuals, especially in the eyes of those who may live in an explicitly anti-LGBTQ country and cannot freely express themselves in their own homeland. Home to famous gay-friendly cities such as New York, Miami, and San Francisco and smaller LGBTQ-centric communities, the United States has earned itself a reputation of being a country associated with LGBTQ acceptance and solidarity, especially given its path to this point.

Millions of LGBTQ people around the world have either come to or dream of coming to the United States to live their…

An in-depth look into the life of one of Harlem’s most successful real estate investors

Few people have inspired me as much as the man I am profiling today. Papa, as he is affectionally known, is a man of many stories, some of which I’ve been grateful to hear over the course of my life. I decided to sit down for an interview with him in late May, with the aim of recording his life story for future generations of our family to cherish and learn from. Since his 86th birthday was approaching, however, I decided to hold off on publishing this piece until today.

This is a short biography of my grandfather, Donald Benjamin…

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