Donald Coaxum, a Harlem gem

An in-depth look into the life of one of Harlem’s most successful real estate investors

Few people have inspired me as much as the man I am profiling today. Papa, as he is affectionally known, is a man of many stories, some of which I’ve been grateful to hear over the course of my life. I decided to sit down for an interview with him in late May, with the aim of recording his life story for future generations of our family to cherish and learn from. Since his 86th birthday was approaching, however, I decided to hold off on publishing this piece until today.

Donald Coaxum as a toddler, 1937
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil G. Marquez and friends en route to Africa (Jet Magazine, 1953) Clipping of Dr. Cecil and Gloria Marquez’s multi-country trip (Jet Magazine, 1955)
Lucille Coaxum (circa late 1930s, early 1940s)
Donald Coaxum’s George Washington High School Yearbook Photo, 1953
West 122nd Street, the street where Donald Coaxum bought his first property (Courtesy Google Maps)
Left: Donald Coaxum with his son, Donald Jr. / Right: Donald Coaxum on his wedding day
The front staircase of Donald Coaxum’s new home (2017)
Donald Coaxum with his children and grandchildren
Donald Coaxum at his 80th Birthday Party (2014)

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