Joe Biden won. Now what?

Young people on the election results and what they hope for the next four years under the new administration

Then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden on the campaign trail during the 2020 Election season / Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

It’s official.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will become to 46th President of the United States. And 62 percent of all young voters made sure that happened.

Despite many young people also casting ballots for incumbent Donald Trump, young voters overwhelmingly voted for Biden in this election. They voted with key issues like climate change, racial justice, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights in mind. And for those voters, their wish came true this morning, four anxiety-filled days after Election Day.

So, how do those who voted for Biden feel about his win? What do they see for the future years under his administration? Similarly, how are young Trump voters feeling about four years with the candidate they didn’t pick?

Below are reflections from several young voters on the election’s outcome and the road ahead.

Maya Organ, 22, California

Identifies as a liberal Democrat

“I feel a sense of relief in the fact that we can take a breath of fresh air, and joy that our country came together to fight for an efficient democracy.”

“I’m excited to see how Biden and Harris take on these 4 years. I will hold both of them accountable, and I will not let up until I see some changes regarding the police force in America, ensuring the health of the people with emphasis on minority communities, and enforcing proper steps to fighting climate change. I think each of us need to apply pressure and ensure we work towards a country of equality.”

Stone Agren, 20, Alabama

Identifies as a progressive liberal

“Too many human rights rely on who is sitting in the White House — this election was so emotionally exhausting because I wasn’t just fighting for policy, I was fighting to elect someone who views me as worthy of human rights.”

“In the Biden presidency I want to see the electorate force his administration to implement deep structural reforms to prevent another election like this one. It doesn’t matter what party sits in the White House, minority identities shouldn’t ride on which party is winning.”

“Additionally, I think this election has shown the Democrats that they rely on the support of underserved communities that they are failing to uplift and represent. I hope that these POC grassroots organizers who won Arizona and Pennsylvania, and MAYBE F***ING GEORGIA, are given the platform they’ve earned to reform the party. Or even start a new one.”

“Also — watching the election in Georgia PROVES that the South isn’t backwards, it’s underserved. Organizing works and there are still people in these communities who need to feel mobilized by the Dems [sic].”

Sebastian Garcia, 20, New York

Identifies as a conservative

“I felt pretty optimistic about Trump’s re-election but seeing the current results, the chances have become much slimmer. The mail-in system really made things difficult.”

“I’ve seen videos online about ballots being thrown out and burned, dead citizens who are legally registered and voted in this election, not allowing [R]epublican observers inside the counting area, and whistleblowers viewing voter frauds and exposing them on social media. To me, it all sounds very fraudulent.”

“It will be interesting how the courts deal with it. If the problem is ignored, then that destroys the integrity of the system. A fair election is what every American asks for, regardless of what party.”

Noah Hertzman, 18, Pennsylvania

Identifies as a liberal Democrat

“I envision an America under a Biden administration that comes together to pass a lot of progressive legislation in a short period of time, kind of like Johnson’s Great Society programs. Then, also like the Johnson administration, we’ll get involved in an unnecessary war and everything will be terrible again. I do think though that there’ll be a collective sigh of relief.”

“I don’t believe any of the allegations of voter fraud, since none of them have any evidence behind them. But as a Biden supporter I’m very excited to see Georgia turn blue. Also having talked to a bunch of Trump supporters I know, I think it’s safe to say a good portion of them are rational and don’t believe any of the unfounded allegations of voter fraud. They also want all the votes counted, just like I do. I think a very loud minority of people are speaking out and drowning out rational voices.”

Anya Wiggins, 20, New York

Identifies as a Democratic Socialist

“[I]’m obviously really happy that he won over [T]rump but i’m definitely dismayed by how thin the margin was especially considering all the damage [T]rump has caused in the past few years.”

“[I] also think that the fight has also just begun to put pressure on [B]iden’s administration to move him to the left instead of the center.”

Charlie Rinzler, 20, Georgia

Identifies as a moderate Democrat

“I’d say that Joe Biden won this election by making it a mandate on the coronavirus.”

“The numbers show Americans are ready for change, but I would be weary about assuming the map will stay this way in the future. Crisis response is one of the things big government does best and right now, we have a crisis that desperately needs managing. If Biden sees the American people through the coronavirus then he will have done his job.”

Liam Curtis, 19, New York

Identifies as a liberal Democrat

“With Biden as president-elect, I am super optimistic about a foreseeable end to the pandemic.”

“I have a lot in faith in Biden’s ability to govern to all Americans and rebuilt bipartisanship in the Senate and the House.”

Max Summer, 20, Florida

Identifies as a Republican

“This election was not won on policy, it was won on rhetoric. Joe Biden made his campaign all about uniting the country in times of racial turmoil and a pandemic, while Trump mostly appealed to his base.”

“A lot will need to change, the majority of polls were vastly off in their projections. Make no mistake, this election was close, clearly Trump resonated with many voters on at least some level.”

“Trump also received the highest portion of non-white voters of any Republican since 1960, whether this says more about the Republicans or Democrats I am not sure.”

“It will be interesting to see where both parties go from this, and the impacts of Trump’s presidency will surely be debated for years to come.”

syracuse student interested in u.s. politics and foreign affairs

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